The state of research in the master’s thesis

Writing scientific work involves many stages through which we must pass inexorably. Starting with choosing a topic by gathering reliable materials, because you can defend your job. One of the things that we must also check is the state of research – namely, we must find out if similar research has already been done as ours. This is the next stage of work after preparing the bibliography and collecting materials.

The state of research aims to show how the research on the phenomena that we describe shaped. It is worth reviewing the collected materials, so that later in our work, we can compare the results of the research that someone has received before us, with those that came out to us. This will make it easier for us to write a discussion (this part of the work does not always exist, it depends on the promoter).

An analysis of previous studies may prove to be an interesting point in our work. Information about changes, whether in the views of the public or in economic indicators, always arouse interest. People are curious about how the phenomenon changed, how it was shaped. Often, the state of research makes it easier to make a decision about the research method or the thesis that will be put in our work. Depending on the subject and the required data, we can conduct surveys or make simple experiments that will help us prove the rightness of the thesis put forward by us.

It is also necessary to review books and documents with a topic similar to the subject of our work or the same field. This will allow us to broaden our knowledge about what we are writing about. Thanks to this, we will have more materials that we can use and draw inspiration from. It is important to have a lot of materials, because writing a job is not a simple matter and requires a lot of knowledge of the topic. You need to include your thoughts and research results in it, but we must have enough materials on which we can base these conclusions.

However, you have to be careful to just model yourself on such work, but draw inspiration from it. We must create our work so that no one accuses us of plagiarism. It should be ensured that our work is original and unique. This will give us success.

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